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Northern Soul Special #1: Alex Morrison - Top 10 Record Picks


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Northern Soul Special #1: Alex Morrison - Top 10 Record Picks
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Dirty Hearts
This is one of the records I've had in my collection for the longest as it was one of the first records my dad bought off a fellow soulie when he was first getting into the scene back in the 70s. I've never heard another DJ play this one so always like to include it in my set.

He's All I've Got
I've always been a massive fan of The Supremes even before I was into Northern Soul. I first heard this one at a soul night in Barrow and it really sparked my interest for Supremes B sides as there's some really great ones out there. This is one of my mum's favourites as well, it always gets people up dancing.

I'll Never Stop Loving You
I only heard this record recently but fell in love with it instantly. I'm a big fan of Carla Thomas and the backing track on this is great, it conjures up all those emotions that Northern Soul is about.

Who Do You Love
The Sapphires have some great Northern Soul tracks but this is definitely one of my favourites. I love the sound of the moody vocals with the smooth backing vocals. Another instant favourite.

You Forgot How To Love
This record is absolutely full of emotion. I'm a big fan of records by female artists as these top 10 show. I love how powerful their voices sound. As this record shows as well, a lot of Northern Soul tracks are about heartbreak or loss but set to a powerful beat.

When We Get There
This is a classic Northern Soul record that gets played a lot at events. I'd heard this a few times before I realised it was by Paul Anka. Another one that I love the backing track on, always guaranteed to get me up dancing.

Secret Love
This is such a great cover of the Doris Day/Cathy Kirby song. Billy Stewart makes it completely unrecognisable and gives it that soulful twist. This record always reminds me of going away to soul events in the summer and dancing in the sunshine.

In Orbit
This is another classic Northern Soul track. It's a very up beat record, you can't help but feel happy when you hear this one and want to dance and sing along. I've heard someone say "it could raise the dead" and I'd definitely agree.

This is a big Northern Soul stomper which was big on the scene back in the 70s. I always pair this one with In Orbit as both Bobbi Lynn and Joy Lovejoy have those great up beat vocals with a pounding backing track.

My Sugar Baby
This is another popular record on the Northern Soul scene. I remember hearing for the first time in Blackpool at the Tower Ballroom to a packed dance floor. This was one of the first records that I bought when I was getting into the music and also the most expensive at that time, I paid £50 which was the most I'd paid for any record.

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Northern Soul sparked an exciting, energised movement. Making its way into working class theatres and clubs, such as the Wigan Casino and Twisted Wheel - the packed all-nighters were northern hedonism. Black thumping American soul and r 'n' b music blew open the doors to a world of eclectic dance; evocative fashion; passionate DJs, and a plethora of likeminded people.